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Redcat Racing Tornado S30 Nitro Buggy Review

How often do you come across a nitro racing car so efficient and powerful that you just have to own it for yourself? Well, the Redcat Racing Tornado Buggy is one such 1:10 scale nitro racing car that just deserves to be in your garage!

The Redcat Racing Tornado S30 Buggy is powerful on and off-road buggy that comes complete with powerful components to deliver excellent performance in all kinds of situations. It also features a powerful 3.00cc 18 SH efficient engine that takes care of all tough challenges on and off the road. An innovative design with ball joint suspension to minimize jerks and shocks. It has a two-stage transmission for better and consistent pickup and smooth running in the long term. Its chassis is really strong and durable for some tough grilling and is made up of aluminum alloy for better support and strength. This vehicle is one tough buggy that takes care of all your racing adventures both on and off the road!


  1. This is a nitro powered vehicle that requires nitro fuel to run efficiently and a glow plug igniter for a successful startup and it is recommended to use the 80142a igniter for a smooth startup. Also, 12 units of AA batteries are required for this vehicle to run properly.
  2. This vehicle features a powerful 3.0cc engine for consistent and durable performance on the tracks.
  3. The vehicle has a fuel tank capacity of 75 ccs so that you don’t have to worry about refilling every now and then after a run.
  4. It has a 2-stage transmission system for smooth and quick pick up and it works fine on all kinds of terrain.
  5. Also, comes with a 2.4Ghz radio controller for controlling this vehicle easily. The radio can also control multiple vehicles simultaneously without any hassles.
  6. It has a length of 15.8 inches and breadth of 10 inches while it has a height of 6.5 inches when assembled completely.

Construction and Design

The construction and design of this buggy ticks all the right boxes and is ergonomically designed for better speed and efficiency. The chassis is completely made up from aluminum alloy and it is quite durable. It has an efficient shock absorption system made up of an aluminum body. Also, Its exhaust system is aluminum for more durability on the fields. The fittings are also placed quite strategically for an overall aerodynamic design and the body remains lightweight even after so many fittings.

Pros and Performance accuracy

  1. This buggy is a beast when it comes to delivering powerful performance and its powerful 3.0cc engine takes on some really tough challenges without any major hiccups.
  2. It has a really durable body and the frame is really sturdy and tough. Therefore, it will take a lot of beating before this car finally gives up. It whole chassis is made up of hardened aluminum alloy and is quite rigid. This makes this buggy perfect for on road racing or off-road bashing. It can handle it all before it takes a serious beating.
  3. The Radio controller that comes with this car operates on a 2.4Ghz frequency and is quite fast and accurate in controlling this vehicle. It can also control multiple vehicles simultaneously without any issues.
  4. The features that come with this buggy at this price point are simply the best and this buggy is an excellent entry level nitro racing car in this price segment.

Tips for safe handling

  1. Sometimes, some users face difficulty is setting up this buggy out of the box and many issues persist. In these situations, it is advisable to follow the user manual and instructions carefully before setting up this car. Fix any issues that you come across by referring to the manual.
  2. Some users may face some issues with the glow plugs that come with this kit. It is advisable to understand and use the glow plug carefully before setting up the vehicle.
  3. This buggy is strictly meant for kids who are 14 years of age or above. Do all setting up and usage of the tools under adult supervision to avoid any accidents or issues.

Can it meet your expectations?

The Redcat Racing Tornado buggy is an excellent entry level nitro racing car in this price segment. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, designing and durability. It can take on some really tough outdoor grilling. No matter if you are an occasional racing car enthusiast or a passionate racer, this buggy will never disappoint you with its accurate and powerful performance and the price too is really easy on your pocket.

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Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car Review

Drifting is a stature of piloting behind the wheels where the knell between stipulation and ruckus is continually deployed. The inception of drifting as a sport can be accredited to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now radiated out to be a commercial sport and thereby, lionized competitions are anchored all across the planet. Some of the domains which are embraced in this exhilarating sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting inflicts all those adrenaline scrambles and annexes the spectators’ breath away.

In order to tranquilize the delinquent impulse for such adventure safaris, Redcat Racing’s Lightning STR Nitro Blue Car has marshalled these precise feasibilities and is a remote stupor reshuffled into elusive corporeality. It brings about your drifting clarity in a pre-possessing approach and skillfully pulverizes the benevolent spins to whirling stupefaction. In no time you will effortlessly be able to massacre the most toilsome pivots to transpire out as one of the magnum opus in the leader board. Redcat Racing is an extraordinarily distinct company for delivering fearsome gratification at an affordable price. It was first entrenched in 2005 and has their assembling headquarters in Taiwan.


  1. The wheelbase is of 260 mm.
  2. It has a ground clearance of 4.5 mm.
  3. The fuel tank capacity is 75 cc.
  4. It has a beefy chassis of 6061 and is made up of aluminum alloy. It also measures 2.5 mm in size.
  5. It has composite disc brakes capped with aluminum.
  6. It has oil filled shocks.
  7. It has a 2.4 GHz Radio System.
  8. It has a 90 days warranty.
  9. It has access to replacement parts.
  10. It has a Nitro 2.67 cc vertex motor.
  11. It has a light weighted heat sink.
  12. It has a tuned pipe.
  13. The maximum speed can be surged up between 45 mph.
  14. It has freakish first gear acceleration.
  15. It has an adjustable independent suspension.
  16. It has a 2- speed transmission.
  17. It has a 4 wheel drive system.
  18. The length is 360 mm.
  19. The width is 200 mm.
  20. The height is 112 mm.
  21. The weight is 3.5 lbs.
  22. The name of the manufacturing brand is Redcat Racing.
  23. It is a RC Car.
  24. It is an on road car.
  25. The fuel source is nitro gas.
  26. It requires 20% Nitro fuel.
  27. The full scale proportion is 1:10.
  28. The product dimension is 14.2**8*4.5 inches.
  29. The recommended age is 14+ onwards.
  30. The colour is a mix match of blue and white.

Construction and Design

Redcat Racing’s Lightning STR Nitro Blue Car proffers an outstanding design and a well constructed body. It is far flung from other conventional RC vehicles and is definitely a people pleaser in every possible way. It has an elegant outlook and is designed with robust wheels which make way for the outlandish drifting propensity. Redcat Racing’s Lightning STR Nitro Blue Car is also loftily durable and can be driven around on rugged terrain with little difficulty. The two beautifully blended hues of blue and white also renders it a state of the art look.

Pros and Performance

Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car has the following pros and accordingly remits their pavement breaking performances.

  1. The STR is light weighted in nature and registers for a blazing driving experience.
  2. The lightning STR Nitro car is equipped with 2.67 cc vertex engine. This powerful potential helps the car to make a distinct mark on the racing field without any towering hurdles.
  3. The 260 mm wheelbase enables the car to vanquish on any sorts of topography. It has the colossal power to be driven around on rugged turmoil without any kind of break downs.
  4. The shaft driven 4 Wheel drive system and the composite disc brakes aids the Redcat Racing’s Lightning STR Nitro Blue Car to demarche with élan.
  5. The 6061 aluminum alloy chassis measures in 2.5 mm. This gives a golden opportunity to the Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car to boast an extremely husky and durable construction.
  6. The engine’s VX-16 power is relocated to the four wheels through a centrifugally shifted two-speed transmission and thus, helps for a swift acceleration.
  7. The full factory assemblance ensures convenience at its peak. All you just need is 20% nitro fuel, four AA batteries and a glow- plug igniter.
  8. The 2.4 GHz radio system offers a proportional control of the nitro fueled car. This offers a precise mechanism and is a boon to the older hobbyists.

Tips for Safe Handling

Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car is undoubtedly a glorious product but some safety tips are also to be kept in mind while handling it.

  1. At times, Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Car displays low traction and can lead to lowering of the usual speed and difficult management. This might affect the spins and tricks and can also affect the illustrious voyage.
  2. One also needs to be careful as the alloyed chassis of the car is much lower to the ground and bears all the brunt of the crashes.
  3. The independent suspension system fails to absorb high level shocks and can take a serious toll on the intramural components of the vehicle. In this case, one needs to minimize the number of jumps, sudden falls, off ramps and frequent collisions.
  4. At high speeds, any reconciliation in the direction leads to unwanted drifting of the car. Thus, the drivers need to be more vigilant and cautious to avoid any sort of fatal injuries.

Can it Meet Your Expectations?

It can trump all your anticipations! Yeah, you read that right. It will leave your nemesis dwindling while you slither past them with splendorous cavalcade. It is an unassailable warrior in its league and is resistant enough to not cause any unfortunate misery. Gear up to resonate with this pulsating mammoth and seize all the archetypal fanfare that is usually personated on the television curtains. Snap the buy knob for the all aforesaid correct incentives and have a carnival with your extravagant product. Thus, get ready to procure this one-in-a-million merchandise and vow by the quote, “Neighbors envy is owner’s pride.” In addition, they are now obtainable on paramount online sites and can be consigned at your doorsteps with just a nibbling tap on your smart phone. Thus, drive around the lightning and sense the thunder!

Cost Considerations

Are you baffled about shucking off a brawny amount and generating a cavity in your pocket? Well, let us shatter all the myths enveloping this topic of deliberation. If you are indifferent about the Redcat Racing Lightning STR Nitro Blue Car’s price, then we would like to clang the bell and promulgate that it comes at a negligible digit of just $ 189.99. The cost reimburses in every possible way, keeping in mind the authentic gala of this monstrous spectacle.

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Redcat Racing Earthquake 3.5cc Nitro Truck Review

If you want to break free from your mundane work schedule and take part in some serious racing and bashing adventures then the Redcat Racing Earthquake is your perfect companion in all your road buggy racing endeavors!

The Redcat Racing Earthquake is a 4X4 monster truck that is nitro powered and is a perfect nitro racing car for off road terrain. Its new design makes it really light and powerful for all racing quests. It can reach insane speeds of up to 50mph and is sure to dominate over the other buggies out there.

It has a powerful 3.5cc .21 SH nitro powered engine that delivers insane power as well as acceleration. It has a 2-stage transmission system for easy shifting and handling. It has a tank capacity of 125cc so you don’t have to refill it frequently. It offers decent ground clearance and it is really rugged and sturdy when it comes to off road racing. It has a durable aluminum frame and it comes with a accurate 2.4Ghz radio controller and receiver to control the vehicle.


  1. It can reach a maximum speed of up to 50mph without any hiccups.
  2. It has a 2-stage transmission system for shifting speeds and helps a lot in smooth pick up and running of this truck on the fields.
  3. It features a powerful 3.5cc .21 SH engine that is nitro powered and provides excellent acceleration.
  4. Rugged and sturdy tires specifically designed for off road usage and is quite durable in the long term
  5. Its body is complete 2.5mm aluminum alloy incorporated and gives strength and power to the body and frame of the truck for durable performance.
  6. Its fuel tank capacity is 125cc and lasts quite long.
  7. It comes with a 2.4Ghz radio controller and receiver.
  8. It has a wheel base of 325mm and it offers a decent ground clearance of 58mm.
  9. It has a height of 250mm, a breadth of 380mm and a length of 510mm.

Construction and Design

The Redcat Racing Earthquake is a tough little beast and is designed specifically to withstand tough challenges on the field. It has an all-aluminum alloy 3mm body chassis that gives it the sturdiness and support in its frame and is quite durable. The components are placed ergonomically and the wheel base is also good. It offers a decent ground clearance and incorporates many useful features in its frame. Even after this, it manages to remain lightweight as well as stable on the field. It has a fuel tank capacity of 125cc and the engine is 3.5cc nitro powered one that delivers powerful performance. The overall design of this truck is quite rugged and sturdy and the light frame of this truck allows it reach high speeds of up to 50mph with ease.

Pros and Performance accuracy

  1. This little beast is extremely powerful when it comes to off road performance and it literally tears off grass with its tires! It has a very powerful engine at its heart that provides excellent acceleration to this truck and its light body frame allows it to just zoom past obstacles and dirt.
  2. It has a really attractive and affordable price point at which such cool features are being offered in this truck. This really makes this deal a sweet one with its affordable price tag and the awesome features that come with it.
  3. It is really fast when it comes to racing and as stated above, it can easily reach high speeds pf up to 50mph on all kinds of surfaces.
  4. Its rugged and sturdy body is also a plus point as it takes no harm while driving on road or off road. It runs smoothly on any kind of terrain and its wide wheel base keeps it stable at high speeds while the truck offers enough ground clearance to avoid obstacles and still remains stable in all situations.

Tips for safe handling

  1. Always wear protective gear for your eyes and other sensitive body parts when running this truck on off road conditions where there is dirt or gravel as it easily kicks back the dirt and flints and they may injure the eyes if the user is not careful.
  2. The proper assembling and startup of this truck is a tad bit difficult for novice nitro racing enthusiasts so it is advisable to thoroughly read and understand the Instruction manual before setting up this truck. It will help avoid any issues during the startup and working of this truck.
  3. You may also want to buy a starter kit for this truck if it’s your first time at buying a nitro racing buggy. It contains all necessary tools and parts that will help you in setting up and repairing this truck whenever the need arises.

Can it meet your expectations?

If you are looking for a rugged and powerful nitro racing car that delivers excellent acceleration and powerful speed and torque then the Redcat Racing Earthquake will never disappoint you in any aspect. It has a powerful engine that delivers good acceleration, a sturdy and strong aluminum alloy frame that makes it stable and durable and the overall rugged design that makes it a perfect monster truck for all your off-road racing adventures.

Cost Considerations

The Redcat Racing Earthquake Nitro Truck is available for $269.99 on Amazon and there are no shipping charges. Consider buying an additional starter kit from Redcat that contains all the necessary tools for setting up this truck. It is available for $23.65 on Amazon. Considering the overall price of this nitro racing car, it is one of the best and one of the most rugged and powerful nitro truck in this price bracket.

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Redcat Racing 4WD Shockwave Nitro RC Car Review

For all the racing enthusiasts out there, the Redcat Racing Nitro Shockwave Buggy is the new king in the market. The mind blowing performance and plethora of features included in this compact package is something which is a dream of every master behind those roaring pieces of machinery.

With new controls and nitro being used as the fuel, this remote controlled vehicle guarantees a greater level of customer satisfaction and leaves you wanting for more excitement and adventure. Let us look into the details of this Shockwave Buggy in depth for a clearer idea into its working which makes it widely preferred by hobbyists.


  1. The 2.4GHz radio is provided in the set and allows for controlling many vehicles at the same time without any interference. And so, there is no need for any change in frequency.
  2. The thunderous performance of the buggy is due to its powerful nitro (nitro methane) vertex VX engine with a capacity of 2.67cc featuring a pull start.
  3. It is basically a four wheel drive which runs at a single speed transmission for faster performance.
  4. Eight AA batteries are required for the transmitter part while four AA batteries are required for the receiver part.
  5. The radio control can be applied to a range of upto 50 meters through the transmitter.
  6. A user guide and manual with all the specifications as well as troubleshooting techniques is included in the package.
  7. There is a life time engine return policy which has some specific conditions.
  8. The dimensions of the buggy are 15.5 x 10 x 6.5 inches and it weighs 7 pounds.

Construction and Design

The 2.5 mm anodized aluminum chassis contributes to its hard body which makes it withstand strong movements and damage. A 2.4 GHz radio is used to steer the buggy which has shocks capped with aluminum and filled with oil. Moreover, the composite disk brakes give it a smooth braking capacity. All the differentials have been attached to the upper plate for tight functioning. All this perfection in its assembly contributes to its ultimate and unbeatable performance. An appealing finish is achieved with the attractive designing on it.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. A safety feature included in the assembly is that the fuel tubing is routed away from heat sources or any kind of movable sources.
  2. The capacity of the fuel tank gives the added advantage of being able to run for a longer time with more time between pit-stop times.
  3. With a ground clearance of 25 mm, this monster is guaranteed to issue a powerful leverage over other similar models.
  4. The transmitter has got some amazing features like trim knobs and servo reversing. In addition, there is a battery life indicator to indicate when the batteries have to be changed.
  5. The noise of this buggy is lower compared to other buggies having similar features and capacity.
  6. It is very easily maneuverable and takes a hit due to its durable construction and assembly.

Tips for Better Handling

  1. Make sure all the bolts and fittings are tight before biting the dust with the powerful buggy.
  2. Excessive use can cause dirt to get into the carburetors through the filters. This can be avoided by using oil to wet the area and thus prevent excess dust accumulation.
  3. The high speed needle can cause the engine to heat up a lot. Over time, this can cause the engine to break down. Fortunately, the company has a life time replacement policy where the damaged engine can be returned for a brand new one for just half the price after the basic 3 month warranty period.
  4. The same proportional mix of fuel must be used for running the buggy as that mix which is first used during break in for proper functioning of the engine.
  5. If the nitro engine does not start make sure that the charge of the glow igniter is full and that the glow plug is in proper condition.
  6. The fuel can be forced to the carburetor by plugging the exhaust pipe using the finger while pulling the pull start. When the fuel starts moving towards the carburetor, the finger can be removed and started as usual.

Can it meet your expectations?

This powerful monster is one of the best nitro based buggies available at this price range. The features that are loaded into the assembly along with the highly durable manufacturing make it a huge hit amongst buggy enthusiasts. The multitude of options available through the control and the highly reliable customer service make it one of the most trusted brands to bet your money on. By proper usage and maintenance, this product can last a long time and give an amazing level of functioning.

Price Considerations

This loaded machine is available in the range of $ 160 to $ 180 on most online shopping sites with many of them even offering free shipping. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 90 day warranty against damage.

For beginners using the nitro buggy for the first time, a nitro starter kit as well as the nitro fuel has to be bought separately for a combined price from $ 40 onwards.  In addition 12 AA batteries will be needed for the transmitter and receiver. Many shopping sites also have great deals if the whole bundle is bought together.

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Redcat Racing EPX RC Drift Car Review

Drifting is a calibre of steering behind the wheels where the stroke between command and tumult is repeatedly summoned. The birthplace of drifting as a sport can be attributed to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now emanated out to be a commercial sport and thereby, illustrious competitions are leveraged all across the globe. Some of the regions which are involved in this thrilling sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting imposes all those adrenaline rushes and confiscates the viewers’ breath away.  In order to pacify the uncontrollable cacoethes for such adventure escapades, Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Metallic Blue Car has shepherded these exact possibilities and is a distant reverie metamorphosed into subtle reality. It put forwards your drifting precision in a magnificent way and easily massacres chivalrous swivels to turn amaze balls. In no time, you will be successfully able to vanquish the most strenuous spins to emerge out as one of the magnum opus in the leader board. Redcat Racing is an immensely premier company for providing daring pleasure at a negligible price. It was first established in 2005 and has their manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan.


  1. It bears an Electric Brushed 27T540 type of motor.
  2. It has a speed control of brushed ESC.
  3. Accommodates Shaft Driven 4WD.
  4. Light weighted Plastic Made Chassis.
  5. Assisted with a 2.4 GHz. Radio system.
  6. It possesses a ground clearance of 4.5 mm.
  7. Maximum speed can be up surged between 45-55 MPH.
  8. Oil Filled Shocks are capped with aluminum.
  9. Adjustable Independent Suspension.
  10. Attached Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  11. 90 Days Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.
  12. It is suitable for 14+ onwards.

Construction and Design

If your hardcore trance is to be a breakneck racer then you have landed up at the ethical place. The conventional metallic blue sedan has a vibrant polycarbonate anatomy and renders it an uber-chic unmatchable elegance. They also come with the alternatives of swapping the far-flung bodies in case of any unfortunate breakages. The product dimensions are 14.2 * 8* 4.5 inches. The quality drift RC tires will also serve you with unforgettable easy breezy tootles. The brushed motor is colossally herculean and devises it possible to govern the RC Drift Car with élan.

Pros and Performance

  1. Due to the phenomenal amalgamation of 27T 540 electric brushed motor and unique drift tires, one can effortlessly slide around the quarters while perpetuating a reliable velocity.
  2. The utterly posh exterior gives it a respectable and professional outlook. Its sophistication is bound to pivot heads on the racing track.
  3. forward and reverse transmission permits the Lightning EPX Drift Car to circumvent the serpentine torments and one can deftly sustain with their drifting gala.
  4. The engine of this monstrous aesthetic can gush up a speed of 55 MPH and eventually fabricates a way for an unparalleled applaud.
  5. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is environment friendly and thus it is way more convenient to keep them clean and tidy.
  6. The powerful 2000 mAH 7.2V NiMh battery is rechargeable and this itself makes it an iconic product. The rechargeable ones work fine if you an incessant racer because obtaining new battery every other week is definitely not a preferable idea.
  7. Aluminum capped oil filled shocks and convertible independent suspension allows drivers to jingle the the car in any possible orchestration. 4 GHz. Radio system furnishes trust worthy jurisdiction for navigating multifarious corners in the wink of an eye.
  8. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is delivered with comprehensive assemblance and turns out to be befitting for the first-time racers or, newbie.

Tips for safe handling

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car can be attributed as a shimmering diamond among the drifting giants and oozes a polished vibe through its alluring demeanour. However, it also has some few cons which are to be kept in mind.

  1. In spite of a capable battery, the charging takes up a prolong time. In order to ensure a safe and secure drifting, one must be patient till the completion of the charge. Any kind of haste can lead to fatal injuries.
  2. This drifting car displays slight hardship on the asphalt roads.

Can it meet your expectations?

It can surpass all your expectations! Yeah, you read that right. It will leave your antagonists slacking while you slide past them with glorious extravaganza. It is an indomitable soldier in its league and is firm enough to not cause any unwanted unpleasantness. Get ready to reverberate with this standout ogre and catch all the classic hypes that are usually portrayed on the television screens. Click the buy button for the all aforesaid right reasons and have a jamboree with your ebullient product. Thus, gear up to purchase this outlandish merchandise and swear by the quote, ‘Neighbours’ envy is owner’s pride.” In addition, they are now available on leading online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a swift tap on your smart phone.

Cost considerations

Are you perplexed about shelling off a hefty amount and burning a hole in your pocket? Well, let us bust all the myths engulfing this topic of discussion. If you are unaw

are about the Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Car price, then we would like to ring the bell and announce that it comes at an affordable figure of just $189.99. The cost compensates in every possible way, keeping in mind the accurate performance, durability and the coherence.

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Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Review

Toys always make the saddest of the kids jolly at an instance. When it comes to toys, remote control vehicles never run out of trend. The thrilling experience one gets while controlling a R/C vehicle makes it one of the most sought-after toys. However, the thrill varies from vehicles to vehicles. In fact, more the technical advancement, more higher is the level of thrill. One such product which will make thrill reach its zenith is the ‘Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck, Blue/Silver, 1/10 Scale’. The breathtaking ability of this monster truck to do things that you don’t expect a normal R/C vehicle to do makes it a beast when compared to others in the business. Keeping aside the perks of owning this consummate product, there is no existing criteria over which you can disparage it. The only thing you can do and you should do is to add this racing beast to your distinct collection. And, whenever you are exhibiting your collection, you will never shy away from making this possession as the center of attraction.


  • This electrifying racing truck is loaded with features which makes it no less than a mini version of an original racing truck. The only difference is that the original is driven with the steering wheel in your hand and this one, with a remote.
  • Being a shaft driven four-wheel drive, the truck speaks volumes of the dexterity of the manufacturers. How could they install a four-wheel drive in such a little object? Even, few real cars don’t have it till date. The four-wheel drive is powered by a 27T brushed 540 electric motor. These two combinations make this truck the perfect off-road R/C vehicle around. Believe me, clearing the toughest of obstacles with great ease is what this product is designed for.
  • The 2.4 GHz radio system and precise and protected electric system of the car work side by side to fulfil its top-notch abilities. Indeed, it is a racing volcano. The way it picks up, continues, diminishes the obstacles in its way and spreads its influence all over the landscape is a solid justification to the ‘Racing Volcano’, stated in its name.
  • When racing vehicles are designed, what need to be maintained low is its weight. Even here, the manufacturers have delivered up to the expectation. The chassis is not only simple plastic, but it is standardized light weight one. It comes with eight aluminum capped oil filled coil over shocks and suspension, which is an independent one, designed to increase its stability. Basically, it is designed to meet, both racing and off-road requirements.


2.4 GHz Radio included

  1. pistol is attached to the radio with good grip to control the forward and reverse movement.
  2. It comes with steering and throttle trim and there is also adjustments for steering dual rate.
  3. Separate switches are provided for steering reverse and throttle reverse
  4. It can withstand an outstanding range of 100 yards. Now, this is something to boast of.
  5. The communication between the truck and the radio is so good that more than 10 vehicles can be operated, simultaneously without any hindrance.
  6. It is FCC approved.

1/10 Scale Hobby Grade Monster Truck

  1. The body is PCV painted to give it an attractive look.
  2. All the electronic component are waterproof to avoid damage and provide safe handling.
  3. Rechargeable NIMH battery and a charger for the same is provided. However, you will require 8 AA batteries for the radio.
  4. As it is a high performance vehicle, the parts are quite complex but you don’t need to worry as it is fully assembled, at the time of purchase.
  5. The length, width and height is 400, 310, and 185 mm, respectively. The wheelbase is 275 mm and the ground clearance, 30 mm.

Will It Meet Your Expectations?

I have already jotted down the points, describing the product in detail. One more thing I would like to add to it is the recommended age for use. Surprisingly, there is no upper age limit and I am stating this because the manufacturers have clearly specified it everywhere. However, it is recommended for those above the age of 14. Mind you, this product will change your perception of toys and you will be thrilled and at the same try, delighted. Give it a try!

Cost Considerations

In Amazon, this product is priced at $139.99. Well, if the manufacturers wished, they could have taken advantage of the superiority of this product and set a price that would only take into consideration the maximization of their profit. But, they have restrained from doing so. The $139.99 is absolutely legitimate for one of the best remote control vehicles ever produced. It is affordable and this is the best part about it. Basically, you are getting a package of long-lasting thrill at just $139.99.

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