Redcat Racing 4WD Shockwave Nitro RC Car Review

For all the racing enthusiasts out there, the Redcat Racing Nitro Shockwave Buggy is the new king in the market. The mind blowing performance and plethora of features included in this compact package is something which is a dream of every master behind those roaring pieces of machinery.

With new controls and nitro being used as the fuel, this remote controlled vehicle guarantees a greater level of customer satisfaction and leaves you wanting for more excitement and adventure. Let us look into the details of this Shockwave Buggy in depth for a clearer idea into its working which makes it widely preferred by hobbyists.


  1. The 2.4GHz radio is provided in the set and allows for controlling many vehicles at the same time without any interference. And so, there is no need for any change in frequency.
  2. The thunderous performance of the buggy is due to its powerful nitro (nitro methane) vertex VX engine with a capacity of 2.67cc featuring a pull start.
  3. It is basically a four wheel drive which runs at a single speed transmission for faster performance.
  4. Eight AA batteries are required for the transmitter part while four AA batteries are required for the receiver part.
  5. The radio control can be applied to a range of upto 50 meters through the transmitter.
  6. A user guide and manual with all the specifications as well as troubleshooting techniques is included in the package.
  7. There is a life time engine return policy which has some specific conditions.
  8. The dimensions of the buggy are 15.5 x 10 x 6.5 inches and it weighs 7 pounds.

Construction and Design

The 2.5 mm anodized aluminum chassis contributes to its hard body which makes it withstand strong movements and damage. A 2.4 GHz radio is used to steer the buggy which has shocks capped with aluminum and filled with oil. Moreover, the composite disk brakes give it a smooth braking capacity. All the differentials have been attached to the upper plate for tight functioning. All this perfection in its assembly contributes to its ultimate and unbeatable performance. An appealing finish is achieved with the attractive designing on it.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. A safety feature included in the assembly is that the fuel tubing is routed away from heat sources or any kind of movable sources.
  2. The capacity of the fuel tank gives the added advantage of being able to run for a longer time with more time between pit-stop times.
  3. With a ground clearance of 25 mm, this monster is guaranteed to issue a powerful leverage over other similar models.
  4. The transmitter has got some amazing features like trim knobs and servo reversing. In addition, there is a battery life indicator to indicate when the batteries have to be changed.
  5. The noise of this buggy is lower compared to other buggies having similar features and capacity.
  6. It is very easily maneuverable and takes a hit due to its durable construction and assembly.

Tips for Better Handling

  1. Make sure all the bolts and fittings are tight before biting the dust with the powerful buggy.
  2. Excessive use can cause dirt to get into the carburetors through the filters. This can be avoided by using oil to wet the area and thus prevent excess dust accumulation.
  3. The high speed needle can cause the engine to heat up a lot. Over time, this can cause the engine to break down. Fortunately, the company has a life time replacement policy where the damaged engine can be returned for a brand new one for just half the price after the basic 3 month warranty period.
  4. The same proportional mix of fuel must be used for running the buggy as that mix which is first used during break in for proper functioning of the engine.
  5. If the nitro engine does not start make sure that the charge of the glow igniter is full and that the glow plug is in proper condition.
  6. The fuel can be forced to the carburetor by plugging the exhaust pipe using the finger while pulling the pull start. When the fuel starts moving towards the carburetor, the finger can be removed and started as usual.

Can it meet your expectations?

This powerful monster is one of the best nitro based buggies available at this price range. The features that are loaded into the assembly along with the highly durable manufacturing make it a huge hit amongst buggy enthusiasts. The multitude of options available through the control and the highly reliable customer service make it one of the most trusted brands to bet your money on. By proper usage and maintenance, this product can last a long time and give an amazing level of functioning.

Price Considerations

This loaded machine is available in the range of $ 160 to $ 180 on most online shopping sites with many of them even offering free shipping. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 90 day warranty against damage.

For beginners using the nitro buggy for the first time, a nitro starter kit as well as the nitro fuel has to be bought separately for a combined price from $ 40 onwards.  In addition 12 AA batteries will be needed for the transmitter and receiver. Many shopping sites also have great deals if the whole bundle is bought together.

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