Cars have sparked a thousand imaginations, right from our childhood. Now, radio-controlled cars are taking it a step further.

Hi everyone, this is Larry Jones and thanks a ton for stopping here. This blog is almost exclusively dedicated to radio controlled cars (RCC). Hopefully, I might expand it later on but for now, I am concentrating only on RCCs.

So why RCC? Because they are awesome! I have no qualms in admitting that I still love them like a six-year-old child. The latest inventions have just heightened my interest towards them and it seems it is going to be long time before I get tired of anything, close to them. I grew up in the suburbs of Folsom, California and was lucky to be a part of a close-knit community, which was full of kids near my age. Car racing used to be our favourite game and we also used to drive our parents crazy with our demands for even newer models every other day.

My obsession with radio controlled cars continued to grew over the years and when my nephew turned seven this year, I decided to pass on the legacy. Up until now, I used to buy all my car models near a trusted shop near me but because of time and distance constraints, I decided to shop online. Believe me, it was not an easy task and it was several hours before I could come to a conclusion. My experience helped me create this blog, where I attempt to give you the best deals on the latest and most popular radio controlled and cars out there.

The world of radio controlled cars has only grown over the years. The latest technologies have led to some amazing improvements in the older models. The cars are now faster and are equipped with many new additions. You will be amazed by the sheer diversity. RCCs offer. I have tried to lessen your time and effort by including all kinds of radio controlled cars– from gas powered RCC’s to drift RCC’s, you will find everything here. So, I hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any suggestions or questions for me, I will be happy to listen to you. Please drop a comment anywhere and I will get back to you.