Redcat Racing EPX RC Drift Car Review

Drifting is a calibre of steering behind the wheels where the stroke between command and tumult is repeatedly summoned. The birthplace of drifting as a sport can be attributed to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now emanated out to be a commercial sport and thereby, illustrious competitions are leveraged all across the globe. Some of the regions which are involved in this thrilling sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting imposes all those adrenaline rushes and confiscates the viewers’ breath away.  In order to pacify the uncontrollable cacoethes for such adventure escapades, Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Metallic Blue Car has shepherded these exact possibilities and is a distant reverie metamorphosed into subtle reality. It put forwards your drifting precision in a magnificent way and easily massacres chivalrous swivels to turn amaze balls. In no time, you will be successfully able to vanquish the most strenuous spins to emerge out as one of the magnum opus in the leader board. Redcat Racing is an immensely premier company for providing daring pleasure at a negligible price. It was first established in 2005 and has their manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan.


  1. It bears an Electric Brushed 27T540 type of motor.
  2. It has a speed control of brushed ESC.
  3. Accommodates Shaft Driven 4WD.
  4. Light weighted Plastic Made Chassis.
  5. Assisted with a 2.4 GHz. Radio system.
  6. It possesses a ground clearance of 4.5 mm.
  7. Maximum speed can be up surged between 45-55 MPH.
  8. Oil Filled Shocks are capped with aluminum.
  9. Adjustable Independent Suspension.
  10. Attached Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  11. 90 Days Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.
  12. It is suitable for 14+ onwards.

Construction and Design

If your hardcore trance is to be a breakneck racer then you have landed up at the ethical place. The conventional metallic blue sedan has a vibrant polycarbonate anatomy and renders it an uber-chic unmatchable elegance. They also come with the alternatives of swapping the far-flung bodies in case of any unfortunate breakages. The product dimensions are 14.2 * 8* 4.5 inches. The quality drift RC tires will also serve you with unforgettable easy breezy tootles. The brushed motor is colossally herculean and devises it possible to govern the RC Drift Car with élan.

Pros and Performance

  1. Due to the phenomenal amalgamation of 27T 540 electric brushed motor and unique drift tires, one can effortlessly slide around the quarters while perpetuating a reliable velocity.
  2. The utterly posh exterior gives it a respectable and professional outlook. Its sophistication is bound to pivot heads on the racing track.
  3. forward and reverse transmission permits the Lightning EPX Drift Car to circumvent the serpentine torments and one can deftly sustain with their drifting gala.
  4. The engine of this monstrous aesthetic can gush up a speed of 55 MPH and eventually fabricates a way for an unparalleled applaud.
  5. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is environment friendly and thus it is way more convenient to keep them clean and tidy.
  6. The powerful 2000 mAH 7.2V NiMh battery is rechargeable and this itself makes it an iconic product. The rechargeable ones work fine if you an incessant racer because obtaining new battery every other week is definitely not a preferable idea.
  7. Aluminum capped oil filled shocks and convertible independent suspension allows drivers to jingle the the car in any possible orchestration. 4 GHz. Radio system furnishes trust worthy jurisdiction for navigating multifarious corners in the wink of an eye.
  8. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is delivered with comprehensive assemblance and turns out to be befitting for the first-time racers or, newbie.

Tips for safe handling

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car can be attributed as a shimmering diamond among the drifting giants and oozes a polished vibe through its alluring demeanour. However, it also has some few cons which are to be kept in mind.

  1. In spite of a capable battery, the charging takes up a prolong time. In order to ensure a safe and secure drifting, one must be patient till the completion of the charge. Any kind of haste can lead to fatal injuries.
  2. This drifting car displays slight hardship on the asphalt roads.

Can it meet your expectations?

It can surpass all your expectations! Yeah, you read that right. It will leave your antagonists slacking while you slide past them with glorious extravaganza. It is an indomitable soldier in its league and is firm enough to not cause any unwanted unpleasantness. Get ready to reverberate with this standout ogre and catch all the classic hypes that are usually portrayed on the television screens. Click the buy button for the all aforesaid right reasons and have a jamboree with your ebullient product. Thus, gear up to purchase this outlandish merchandise and swear by the quote, ‘Neighbours’ envy is owner’s pride.” In addition, they are now available on leading online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a swift tap on your smart phone.

Cost considerations

Are you perplexed about shelling off a hefty amount and burning a hole in your pocket? Well, let us bust all the myths engulfing this topic of discussion. If you are unaw

are about the Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Car price, then we would like to ring the bell and announce that it comes at an affordable figure of just $189.99. The cost compensates in every possible way, keeping in mind the accurate performance, durability and the coherence.

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