Liberty Imports AE86 RC Drift Legend Sports Car Review

Speed is what you love and or car is something which intrigues you? Not able to drive or do wish to experience the thrill or speeding and drifting without indulging in any sort of danger? Here is the Liberty Imports Super-Fast Drift Legend AE86 R/C Sports Car which will help you enjoy the thrill of those sharp turns, as well as have hours of uninterrupted fun.

A fully remote-controlled car for drifting, this product by Liberty Imports ensures that you get a wholesome level of fun as you play with your children and or plan on spending some leisure time with yourself.


  1. Sleek design with a length of 5.”
  2. Fully automatic controls with front and backward movement
  3. Two sets of tires one with a plane surface, while the other we rigid ones.
  4. Rear lights, as well as headlights, give it a realistic appeal.
  5. Easy to use controller for a comfortable handling
  6. Operates on 4 AAA batteries.

Construction and Design

This car has been designed keeping in mind the feel and aesthetics of an original car. The body is sturdy and durable, and you will feel the strength it possesses as soon as you hold this car in your hand. The car is built with forward and reverse gear and does come with two sets of tires containing four in each, which do help this car move through tight spaces.

Operating on 4 AAA batteries the car has been designed keeping drift and fast movements in mind so that the end users get the maximum fun. Remote control of this car does ensure easy movement, and you will be sure to have total control of this car always.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

The car has been designed keeping the sturdy design of an original car and you at no time will feel it any different from the original mechanical one except for its size and plastic material used to build this. The car operates on 4 AAA battery and does include following pros about it.

  1. Sleek design makes it move through tight spaces comfortably, and you will be fascinated by the way this car drifts in the shape of eight and making sudden U-turns when you wish too.
  2. The body is made out of heavy plastic and can easily sustain low falls and or accidental collisions.
  3. There are forward and reverse gears accompanied by the tail lights and headlights which do give it a completely realistic look.
  4. The car comes with two sets of tires one which will ensure smooth movement over normal surfaces while the other with the rigid exterior to allow this car make quick turns and drifts for which it has been designed.
  5. The car has been designed well, and upon receiving the package all you need to do is unpack the product and insert the batteries, and you are good to start playing and having fun with it.
  6. The car can move in the shapes of 8 and can make drifting U-turns which are something you will be thrilled to see.

Tips for Safe Handling

  1. While this car has been designed keeping in mind a durable design, it still is made from plastic and hence do not start thinking of it as an unbreakable variant and make it collide with walls and other items.
  2. Do not try to open the car and make changes in case you aren’t familiar with the working, as you may end up permanently damaging of affecting the functionality of the product.
  3. Although the smoothly surfaced tires also give the best performances, it is advised to use the other set of tires, the one with grip if you plan on having a great drifting experience.
  4. Stock 4 AAA batteries for the car and 2 AA batteries for the remote well in advance so that you can have an uninterrupted playing experience.

Can it Meet Your Expectations?

If you are looking for a good gift for your child and or are wanting something to pass your time with, then this gift will surely not disappoint you. The car has a sleek design, and hence even if you live in tight areas with lots of furniture around, your child can still have fun playing with it.

With side, tail and head lights you will have a realistic experience, and your child will be fascinated with it.  If handled properly and battery properly used and changed this product will last for years.

Cost Considerations

This product which is available within the range of $12- $15 dollars is definitely a good buy. With extra sets of tires for added grips as well as fast controls, this product has features which are normally available with cars of the higher price range. A safe grip as well as easy to use remote controller does provide you with complete handling and you at all times would be delighted to use this product and hence spend quality time with yourself and or your family members. The product is available for shipping all over the world with some additional cost.

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