Red-Kid 2.4Ghz 2WD Off-Road RC Drift Cars Review

Want to buy a hi-tech drift car for your kid? Red-kid 1/12 Scale 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled 2WD off road Drift Car is an amazing one to give your children and is great in handling with controls to keep your kid’s play time safe!

This car is structured in a superior way and with a wonderful appearance plus the technology put into it is quite secure in itself as well. So, if you are racing enthusiasts or your little boys are asking you for new racing cars, this one is sure to make them amazed!


  1. 4 GHz Radio System allows the controller to mobilize the car in great action.
  2. 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries needed to control the car remote.
  3. 100 meters distance for the controller can be reached.
  4. The model for the motor of this car is sturdy Red-kid brush 390.
  5. The high speed for this drift car is set to be 33+MPH.
  6. For the handling of the remote control, this car is provided with the top technology of S-Truck suspension.
  7. Lifetime warranty is allotted and refund in the latest 90 days from the date this vehicle is purchased.

Construction and Design

This monster truck has a full proportion 1/12 scale 42Km/H 2WD and the suspension structure is an independent one with four wheels on the sides. Also, the four wheels have their shock absorbers fit in which makes playing with it secure for children. The design also possesses 60A huge power circuit composition and in order to block the rotation the makers have put in the high temperature protection structure.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. This drift car is superiorly modeled on the S-Truck suspension structure for the remote control which makes the handling super smooth and easy plus the advanced composition model of Red-kid brush 390 for its motor makes it a luxury for car racers to try.
  2. Another add-on to the design is the radio system of the controller has an amazing frequency to catch and the motor itself allows the speed of 33+MPH, which turns the whole construction into a top class one and a must to race!
  3. As told before, the shock absorbers added to the wheels are also a great pro and helps in the action along with keeping the racing secure.
  4. The radio controller has the frequency of reaching 100 meters and the warranty period is also a thumbs-up!

Tips for Safe Handling

  1. Since the car is claimed to be as waterproof, you have to keep in mind that it cannot run for long in water and even if you are racing it on rainy days, put the shell on to make sure the water doesn’t ruin the inner equipment. Also, when you are racing it on snow or in water, you have to keep the shell on.
  2. While starting this drift car, you have to place it on horizon and then modify the frequency alongside the remote control.
  3. Try to charge this drift car’s battery when the motor cools down and the battery charging time is fixed at 120 minutes, don’t try to put in on charge more than that.

Can it meet your expectations?

Yes, this monster truck by Red Kid has splendid specifications and comes as a pro while racing action fulfilling the expectations that we all have for drift cars. The suspension system and whole design is built in a way to ensure safe playing for children and even if you are buying it as an adult the speed and action-packed performance of this Red-kid 1/12 Scale 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled 2WD off road Drift Car will surely leave you impressed!

Cost Considerations

The price with which it is available on various online revolves around $66.99 and is affordable for this highly designed monster truck. Further, this radio controlled drift car comes with a lifetime warranty and its parts will be replaced when broken plus the accessories provided along with the whole package makes the cost considerations within your means, hence it is a great buy with all the action it provides and the technology with which it is manufactured!