Camaro SS 4WD Electric RC Drift Car Review

Is fast and furious your child’s favorite movie? Does he get fascinated by cars and that loves playing around with it all the time? Then you my friend, have got the perfect gift for your child’s birthday this summer. Get an all new Camaro SS Electric RC Drift Car 110 Graffiti 4WD RTR which not only will leave him fascinated but will make him call you ‘the best dad in the world.’


This car which gives a sporty exterior has an amplitude of features included within it. Some of the common features on this car include:

  1. A fully remote-controlled car, which can steer in all the four directions.
  2. 9 V power supply for the car ensures the car achieves the maximum speeds up to 18 km/h
  3. With a sleek design as well as 16.5” this car can move within tough spaces.
  4. Comes with a telescopic remote covering a range of 50 meters.
  5. Red LED’s behind the tires as well as an extra set of firm grip tires included.

Construction and Design

This car has been designed the common sports car outlook in mind. The chassis of this vehicle is made out of lightweight yet durable plastic, which does give a stern and steady movement. There are included lights behind each tire which makes the car glow at night. Powered by a 9V battery the car can reach the top speed of 18 km/h, and the RC of this car allows the user to steer this in all directions and control this car up to a distance of 50 meters.

The design has been kept sleek so that the car can move within tight areas along with drift tires to allow car make sudden turns and hence bring up the levels of excitement in a child.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

Loaded with a number of features and accompanied by a steady design, this car definitely is a boon for kids as well as speed lovers. There are numerous advantages of this car some of which include:

  1. The first and foremost advantages are the sleek design which this car does offer, and hence your child can play all day long even in the tightest of spaces filled with furniture and other showpieces.
  2. Second is the sporty design combined with red lights behind the wheels which make this remote-controlled car simply astonishing to watch and is sure to leave your child fascinated by its movement.
  3. The car can be fully controlled using the remote controller and can move in all the four direction making sudden turns and or drifting which will allow a thrilling experience for your child and for you as well.
  4. The remote control ranges up to 50 meters, and thereby you or your child can control this car sitting comfortably on a sofa as your car makes frequent laps up and down the room.
  5. 6 V power added to this car makes it go at a top speed of 18 km/h and on average moves this car at a comfortable speed of 12 km/h.

Tips for Safe Handling

  1. Children and even grown up adults have a habit of opening the car chassis in order to mend some issues and or figure out how the car does work, however in case you do not have any knowledge about same, it is safe not to tamper with the circuitry as you may end up damaging the car permanently.
  2. Avoid dropping this car from a height and or colliding the same with the wall, as the plastic body may be damaged and or working may be affected.
  3. Keep an eye on your child while he is playing with the car as he may reach dangerous surfaces and or areas engrossed in playing and might harm or injure himself.

Can it Meet Your Expectations?

This car won’t only meet your expectations; it would go beyond it. Designed with a sporty exterior, it will not only impress the children but will also be successful in winning over the adults. The remote controller it comes with is smooth and easy to operate and so is the functioning of this car. There are additional sets of tires provided for if you need a good drifting experience with your radio controlled car, then these extra grip tires would prove to be quite an advantage.

There are lights behind the wheels so that the car glows in the dark, and then there is the telescopic remote control which helps you control this toy car up to large distances.

Cost Considerations

This car comes loaded with features which do justify its cost to the very extent. There is the lightweight yet durable chassis accompanied with four race tires, and four drift ones. There is the telescopic remote which offers full control, and then there are the lights and sleek design which make moving this car through any place easy and comfortable.

The price range of this car falls in between $60-$65, and the specs it offers are sure worth every penny you spend. So get hold of this car and see that happy look on your child’s face as he happily moves this car all along.

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