Liberty Imports Drift Champion RC Drift Sports Car Review

Guess who is the drift champion with the new racing car? Yes, it’s the Liberty’s again. This new Liberty Imports Super Fast Drift Champion R/C Sports Car lets you control every single thing you need from going forward to backward to steer left and right. Making 0 shaped and 8 shaped drifts are like child’s play for this car. Don’t worry it has the power to boost up to 15km/h and all thanks goes to its four wheel powering engine now you don’t have to use those cars which engine powers only two back tires and you are fed up of not having that speed. Let’s see some cool features of this mini drifter.


As this is all about drifting and showing your drifting with radio controlled car, it won’t let you down with your features and specifications. Let’s look at the things which power this car.

  1. The remote control is super responsive and the range is also good.
  2. Its special four-wheel drive system generates the extra power as the motor powers the all four tires. This is the main difference why this car is so blazing fast.
  3. The tire grip is pretty good and you can feel the stability when you will drift at 15km/h.
  4. The whole package includes 4 smooth tires as well as 4 rubber tires as per everyone’s taste.
  5. The 1:14 ratio of the shell makes the car durable and lightweight  and the length is 13”
  6. The gearbox is covered with the frame of monocoque type.

Construction and Design

The built quality is one of the best things. The Plastic Body makes it weigh less and is quite smooth and shiny. The design is clean and neat and the fender gives it a really cool look. A few water drops won’t damage the car thanks to the waterproofing.

The Liberty Imports Super-Fast Drift Champion R/C Sports Car comes with a great 4WD (Four Wheel Drive Engine) Engine which delivers equal power to all the four tires of the car at the same time, the system allows you to play with the car on the rough surface also. The car’s top speed is 15 km/h and it has a 1:14 scale which is good enough. The pack comes with a powerful rechargeable battery, an AC adapter, and a 9v battery for the controller. The car weighs 2.7 pounds which is very less and makes it great for drifting and racing purpose.

Pros and performance accuracy

The 4WD powerful engine won’t let you down in any way. The engine has enough power to drive the car at 15 km/h which is better than compared to any Petrol RC.  The 4WD allows the car to run on all surfaces and the powerful battery keeps it charged enough for your play. There is Molex connection which really makes charging super-fast. The drift mode helps you to choose a different set of tires so that you can drift with an ease. You can also control the headlights of the car with adjustable front wheel alignment capability. It is perfect for outdoor racing and is perfect for those kids who want to play NFS in real life, not in the flat screen LEDs. The black wheels are interchangeable so that you can mix things up as you want.

Tips for safe handling

  1. The plastic is of good quality but at the end of the day, it’s plastic only, so you need to take care of it. The vinyl is smooth but the smooth surface makes it more prone to scratches and damages.
  2. The engine is powerful as it is a 4WD but there is not enough ventilation to cool it down after heavy usage.
  3. Don’t drain the battery completely and then charge as it would decrease the battery’s life expectancy.

Though if you buy this from Amazon you will get 30 days money back guarantee so you can keep your trust here. All the products are of high quality of you don’t have to worry at the first place.

Can it meet your expectations?

With all their crashes, jumps and stunts, RC cars typically take quite a beating in their lifetime. This RC vehicle is perfect for all up gradation and maintenance with ease addition to repairs. It is a modification-ready vehicle which you can customize it to suit your driving style. With this model, you have the freedom to upgrade everything from the wheels and suspension, to the battery and motor. While these upgrades may be too complicated for most children, they can make for hours of fun for the adult enthusiasts also. This car has it all when you need grip you can use the rubber tires and when you want to show off your drifting styles you can change the tires to smooth ones and guess what all these different types of tires come with the car box.

Cost considerations

Choosing the best remote control car for your needs is much more than simple than selecting a fully customized car for the higher price. The stylish look, easy handling, long battery life, ready for modification etc. makes it the best choice among others in the same price segment. So, if you want a durable product this is the thing you can trust.

So what are you waiting for? Go, order and drift your way through and get ready to thrill the roads.

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