Liberty Imports RC Drift King Sports Car Review

Who doesn’t like to drift a car and control its spin while calculating the amount it slides during the drift? For all the drift lovers out there, here is the perfect toy to gift kids who are interested in drifting or to start getting them interested in this highly amazing form of riding around.

The Liberty Super Fast Drift King is a sports model remote controlled car which specializes in drifting. With a wide range of features and an attractive outlook, this is perfect to begin the long course in drifting for kids interested and awed by it. Let’s look into the features of this model which make it quite the king in the market amongst various other brands.


  1. It is a remote controlled car which specializes in drifting, and measures 7.5 inches in length while weighing about 0.75 lbs.
  2. This model of drifting car has been modeled on the masterpiece of Nissan, which is the Skyline GTR.
  3. The four rubber tires are designed to handle rough use and wear and tear of the wheels due to excessive pressure on the tires, while the other four smooth tires are used for the speed and fast responsiveness.
  4. It runs on batteries and requires 6 batteries in total, with 2 AA batteries for the remote and the remaining 4 AAA batteries for the car.
  5. Lighting is one of the most attractive feature in this model, with the car having headlights, backlights and even bottom sidelights.
  6. It has got a 30 day warranty period for any replacement due to damage as well as for cash back options.

Construction and Design

It is made out of lightweight plastic with speed and fast response being the top priorities kept in mind during its design. The most emphasis has been on the two different sets of wheels with different features for supporting both speed as well as control on the grip as it drifts along. The streamlined design and its attractive coloring with special emphasis on the lighting, make it quite dazzling and give it an overall sophisticated look for the price range that it is found in.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. This drift master can perform all kinds of drifts including the ‘U’ drift and the ‘8’ drift.
  2. It is perfect for kids as it is like any other basic remote controlled car while giving them a new outlook on the drifting part of racing with capabilities to outperform their counterparts in the market in terms of speed.
  3. During its drift, it can be quite noisy with the loud noise giving the actual feel of drifting a race car.
  4. It always works better on flat surfaces rather than on carpets or rough ground, with the regular tires and not the drift ones. Also, it goes up a cement hillway quite easily.
  5. Since most of the lightings have got plug-ins, they can be removed easily if the battery life is to be conserved even though the lights are quite attractive indeed.
  6. The body is quite sturdy and it can withstand a few falls here and there though it should be used carefully as it is made out of lightweight plastic.
  7. It can be controlled to move forward, reverse and sidewise.

Tips for Better Handling

  1. The car can drain the battery quite quickly. If more battery life is needed, some of the LED lights can be unplugged to stop it from draining the battery. Quality batteries contribute to a better life with rechargeable ones being the best option.
  2. The tire changing can take some time for kids to learn. This is really something which can make them more patient and get them to learn something fun.
  3. During the change of wheel, the screw should be unscrewed and then the hex shaped axle tip should be pulled off. This can easily be done after a few trials.

Can it meet your expectations?

This drifting master is quite the deal to get! For the really cheap price, it really is cool with all its heavy lightings and great speed. The two different set of tires contributing to a lot of drifting time as well as response, is the most attractive feature that it’s got. The only downside to this is the amount of batteries it drains. So just load up on the batteries and be ready to give kids all the fun that they deserve by drifting around in that durable monster which speeds around and is totally worth its value.

Cost Considerations

The prime reason why customers prefer this company is due to its cheap pricing. The Drift King is available for a really cheap price of $ 14 to $ 20 on most stores selling the product as well on most online shopping sites with an option of free shipping.

The batteries are not included and it requires 2 AA batteries for the remotes and 4 AAA batteries for the car. Since the car drains the battery quite quickly due to the flashing lights and quick speed, do stock up on batteries and be ready to spend on them. An easier option would be to get rechargeable batteries to have continuous fun without any interruption.

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