Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Review

Toys always make the saddest of the kids jolly at an instance. When it comes to toys, remote control vehicles never run out of trend. The thrilling experience one gets while controlling a R/C vehicle makes it one of the most sought-after toys. However, the thrill varies from vehicles to vehicles. In fact, more the technical advancement, more higher is the level of thrill. One such product which will make thrill reach its zenith is the ‘Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck, Blue/Silver, 1/10 Scale’. The breathtaking ability of this monster truck to do things that you don’t expect a normal R/C vehicle to do makes it a beast when compared to others in the business. Keeping aside the perks of owning this consummate product, there is no existing criteria over which you can disparage it. The only thing you can do and you should do is to add this racing beast to your distinct collection. And, whenever you are exhibiting your collection, you will never shy away from making this possession as the center of attraction.


  • This electrifying racing truck is loaded with features which makes it no less than a mini version of an original racing truck. The only difference is that the original is driven with the steering wheel in your hand and this one, with a remote.
  • Being a shaft driven four-wheel drive, the truck speaks volumes of the dexterity of the manufacturers. How could they install a four-wheel drive in such a little object? Even, few real cars don’t have it till date. The four-wheel drive is powered by a 27T brushed 540 electric motor. These two combinations make this truck the perfect off-road R/C vehicle around. Believe me, clearing the toughest of obstacles with great ease is what this product is designed for.
  • The 2.4 GHz radio system and precise and protected electric system of the car work side by side to fulfil its top-notch abilities. Indeed, it is a racing volcano. The way it picks up, continues, diminishes the obstacles in its way and spreads its influence all over the landscape is a solid justification to the ‘Racing Volcano’, stated in its name.
  • When racing vehicles are designed, what need to be maintained low is its weight. Even here, the manufacturers have delivered up to the expectation. The chassis is not only simple plastic, but it is standardized light weight one. It comes with eight aluminum capped oil filled coil over shocks and suspension, which is an independent one, designed to increase its stability. Basically, it is designed to meet, both racing and off-road requirements.


2.4 GHz Radio included

  1. pistol is attached to the radio with good grip to control the forward and reverse movement.
  2. It comes with steering and throttle trim and there is also adjustments for steering dual rate.
  3. Separate switches are provided for steering reverse and throttle reverse
  4. It can withstand an outstanding range of 100 yards. Now, this is something to boast of.
  5. The communication between the truck and the radio is so good that more than 10 vehicles can be operated, simultaneously without any hindrance.
  6. It is FCC approved.

1/10 Scale Hobby Grade Monster Truck

  1. The body is PCV painted to give it an attractive look.
  2. All the electronic component are waterproof to avoid damage and provide safe handling.
  3. Rechargeable NIMH battery and a charger for the same is provided. However, you will require 8 AA batteries for the radio.
  4. As it is a high performance vehicle, the parts are quite complex but you don’t need to worry as it is fully assembled, at the time of purchase.
  5. The length, width and height is 400, 310, and 185 mm, respectively. The wheelbase is 275 mm and the ground clearance, 30 mm.

Will It Meet Your Expectations?

I have already jotted down the points, describing the product in detail. One more thing I would like to add to it is the recommended age for use. Surprisingly, there is no upper age limit and I am stating this because the manufacturers have clearly specified it everywhere. However, it is recommended for those above the age of 14. Mind you, this product will change your perception of toys and you will be thrilled and at the same try, delighted. Give it a try!

Cost Considerations

In Amazon, this product is priced at $139.99. Well, if the manufacturers wished, they could have taken advantage of the superiority of this product and set a price that would only take into consideration the maximization of their profit. But, they have restrained from doing so. The $139.99 is absolutely legitimate for one of the best remote control vehicles ever produced. It is affordable and this is the best part about it. Basically, you are getting a package of long-lasting thrill at just $139.99.

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