SZJJX 4WD Electric RC Cars – Rock Crawler Buggy Review

The SZJJX remote controlled 4WD buggy is a well-known off road vehicle in the market. It is available with a multitude of attractive features which make it popular amongst buggy enthusiasts, while at the same time gaining increasing attraction from the younger kids who are drawn to it by its easy rc car features and attractive bodywork as well as exteriors.

This monster can easily traverse and climb over any kind of terrain, be it mushy, slippery, hard or even sandy. All this makes it one of the best vehicles within the market of off-road buggies. Here are some of the features of this powerful and majestic piece of machinery which has already gained a good customer base for its ultimate and satisfying performance.


  1. Unlike other similar buggies, this has got a 2.4 GHz remote controller which enables multiple players to compete without any interference from each other due to its anti-jamming specifications.
  2. powerful torque is provided by the well manufactured bi-motor for better accessibility as well as control over its grip.
  3. It has got a direction spinner underneath to enable its movement onto the track when it is not moving forward straightly and tries to deviate from the path.
  4. It can reach a maximum speed of about 25 kilometers per hour, while also being maneuvered through any kind of terrain.
  5. A charger is provided to charge the 4.5 Volt 700 mA battery which is present within the buggy.
  6. It takes about 3 hours to get charged to the utmost and then runs for up to 35 minutes depending on power management as well as usage.
  7. The wireless remote control of this model provides a great range of about 60 meters.
  8. The remote control requires 3 AA batteries for its functioning.
  9. The buggy can move in the forward, reverse, right and left direction while also being able to climb hilly terrains.
  10. It has got a dimension of 23 x 17 x 25 centimeters and weighs around 1 kilogram.

Construction and Design

The exterior is made of high quality ABS plastic which makes it ready to face any kind of hard terrain due to its durability. The tires, which are one of the most important parts, are made of PVC rubber and thus, contribute to its strength and gripping power over the ground. The 540 brushed motor gives it the right amount of torque to handle any kind of uneven land surface with the assembly of the 4 wheels providing it with great stability at even higher speeds. The impeccable design contributes to its powerful performance once charged fully and then unleashed.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. The four wheels have been assembled independently to be able to provide a shockproof performance with the grooves enabling anti-skid functionality over slippery as well as mountainous surfaces.
  2. The suspension through which the wheels are connected to the chassis gives it great stability at higher speeds while also being able to withstand change in terrain.
  3. Full performance can be expected for up to 20 minutes after which it cruises around lightly for another 10 to 15 minutes before dying out.
  4. The huge size of the vehicle does not offer any reduction in speed.
  5. The toggle switch for controlling direction and the trigger for breaking provides easy control through the ergonomic remote control.
  6. It can be used the way it is delivered without any assembly except for putting in the batteries and charging it up before starting to unleash it.
  7. Its easy interface and user compatibility makes it perfect for beginners, especially kids, to start learning to maneuver these buggies and develop good control over it.

Tips for better handling

  1. As specified in the manual, initially the buggy has got to be charged for up to 8 hours before being used, after which during its consequent uses it needs to be charged for only up to 3 hours.
  2. Learn to control the buggy on normal surfaces before going up ramps or rocky surfaces so that it does not keep flipping over, due to inexperience of control.
  3. The breaking is controlled by the trigger which is pushed forward and when pushed forward in the intermediate state it starts moving backwards. Moreover, the magnitude of the trigger is based on the speed of the buggy.
  4. Go through the user’s manual for all the instructions on how to maneuver it and also on the details of each of the controls before starting to use it.

Cost Considerations

For all the amazing features that are rolled into this monster buggy, the cost is something of a surprise indeed! It is available on most online shopping sites and other stores which stock it within the price range of $ 35 to $ 50. The only external batteries required are for the remote control which are 3 AA batteries. Some sites deliver the batteries with the package while at other times it has to be bought separately. The affordable price at which it is sold, makes it preferred by many people who want to have the utmost fun within a reasonable price range.

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