Tozo C5032 RC Drift Car Desert Buggy Warhammer Review

Drifting is a proficiency of propelling behind the wheels where the thump between adjure and pandemonium is persistently mobilized.  The place of origin of drifting as a sport can be hallmarked to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now unfolded out to be a mercenary sport and thereby, paramount competitions are anchored all across the world. Some of the areas which are comprehended in this stimulating sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting imbibes all those adrenaline rushes and hauls the spectators’ breath away.  In order to satiate the inconceivable cacophony for such adventure voyages, TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War hammer has piloted these exact feasibilities and is a distant stupor revolutionized into devious reality. This off-road remote control product is skillfully made for the the coastal and Aeolian regions where the proportion of sand is much lofty than the usual pitches. Being a prodigious extravaganza, Desert Buggy War Hammer offers an elephantine momentum and only settles for superiority. It is mass produced by the TOZO group of companies.


  1. It is categorized under Remote Control Vehicle for Drifiting.
  2. It is a 1:12 full scale off- road conveyance.
  3. Desert Buggy has a powerfully herculean motor.
  4. It bears a Maximum speed of 30 km/h+.
  5. If displays illumination of white and red lights.
  6. The product dimension is 17*8*10 inches.
  7. It fetches anti skid tires.
  8. It embraces anti interference technology.
  9. It also comprises of Independent Suspension System.
  10. It has Rotating Transmission Shafts.
  11. It comprises of Full Metallic Gear Parts.
  12. The Truck size is 220 mm*410 mm*165 mm.
  13. The Truck Weight is 220 gram.
  14. The Control Range is 100 m.
  15. It bears PVC shell.
  16. It has Hi-Q Rubber Wheels.
  17. A 2.4 GHz. Radio System.
  18. It has Three Stage Differential Gears.
  19. The Height is 1000 inches.
  20. The Length is 1700 inches.
  21. The Width is 800 Inches.
  22. It has a 50 M remote control range.
  23. It possesses 7.4V 1500 mash Li-on Battery.
  24. The charger is included.
  25. It is highly durable.
  26. It requires 3 Hours Charging.
  27. The running time is 20 minutes.
  28. It is black in colour.
  29. It is easy to upgrade and repair.
  30. It is recommended for 12+ ages onwards.
  31. The warranty comes with options of swapping or, money returns in case of any slight defects.

Construction and Design

TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War hammer has a pugnaciously chic outlook because it has been constructed out of inflated quality metallic parts. It also adds up to towering durability and sustains longer than other plastic made remote control cars. The anti-skid tires also multiples its efficiency in a magnificent way. Plus, the glare of led lights just triples its glory.

Pros and its Performance

TOZO C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer oozes out the following pros.

  1. As the intrinsic layer of C5032 is built out of aesthetic metallic materials, it can combat jarring clashes even during a velocity.
  2. The Hi-Q rubber tires make it appropriate for running on sandy terrains with unmatchable élan. You can even steer around on rough topography without mislaying hegemony of the truck. Its anti skid features also minimizes the likelihood of swirling around a 360 degree turn.
  3. The elevated speed and acceleration will deliver you all the necessary thrill of up surging speed.
  4. Independent Suspension System provides outrageous elasticity for each wheel and heads straight for an easy breezy secure driving experience. The transmission shaft on the other hand rotates at high speed to keep a dynamic equilibrium. This can do wonders for the safety of the children.
  5. The metallic gears parts ensure extreme smoothness and coherent rotation. The three differential gear parts also assists to undertake the art of drifting in a meticulous way.
  6. The 2.4 GHz. Radio system frequencies will permit the Desert Buggy War hammer to remain amenable to other remote control systems present in the neighborhood. The exorbitant range will aid you to operate the truck in sprawling vicinity without dropping the connectivity.

Tips for Safe Handling

TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer has few cons and those needs to be kept in consideration for bypassing mismanagement.

  1. At times the Desert Buggy gets muddled and cannot be galvanized in a prompt manner. In such a stituation, general psychology is to vigour the throttle in order to come out of the freaking puzzle. As a result, the overheating of the motor will lead to ignition and can cause fatal accidents. One needs to be vigilant and cautious regarding such red flags.
  2. The running time of the TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is only for 20 minutes .The diminutive battery life of the Buggy requires it to charge for 3 prolong hours. One needs to be patient until the completion of the charge to avoid lethal accidents.
  3. One also needs to prudent as the car can suddenly wrench up monumental speed and can smack the peripheral objects.

Can It Meet Your Expectations?

It can transcend all your conjectures! Yeah, you read that right. TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is undoubtedly a classic aura. It has got all the unimaginable aspects to satisfy any car fanatic. You can effortlessly bask in the reality of being a break neck speedy with this stupendous ogre. Kill the buy button for all the accurate logics and lounge in the euphoric jubilations. In addition, they are now available on illustrious online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a limbering tap on your smart phones.

Cost Considerations

Are you senile about shelling off a lump sum amount and burning a hole in your pocket? Dust off all the worries and bury it under your feet. TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is a breath- taking buy which will be durable for an extended period. It comes at an affordable price of just $299 and is worth your every hard earned penny. If,  by chance your luck favours you, you might also end up getting a discount on the online sites. Thus, hurry up and and go grab your product before it runs out of stock.

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