Maisto 967 Ford Mustang GT Radio Controlled Drift Car Review

Want to race cars with your kids or are you a Mustang Lover? This Vehicle is a great one for children and even adults who love to race cars during their free time and not only for playing but the design of the car is splendid and hi-tech that is sure to blow your mind!

For those who are fans of remote control cars, this Mustang by Maisto is wonderful to play racing with your kids and is priced economically within your means to let you have fun without worrying about money!


  • Dashboard designed controller for this radio control car.
  • Steering wheel to adjust in all directions.
  • Fueled by batteries.
  • Constructed as per 1:24 scale and having advanced modifications.
  • Controlled styled on different frequencies.
  • For children more than 8 years of age.

Construction and Design

Maisto R/C 1:24 Scale 1967 Ford Mustang GT Radio Control car is devised as per 1:24 scale manufacturing it as a highly styled and modified vehicle to play with. It is a luxury for all remote-control car fans and its wonderful styling is just awesomely carried out. The controller to is in the shape of a dashboard which is shiny and accelerates rapid action to give you a realistic car race type scenario. The body parts of the vehicle are in designed in a way that can be modified and with more of an authentic structure that will make you a fan of this amazing radio control car!

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  • The devising of the car is done in a super authentic way to give it a look of the real Mustang and the remote control to is action packed!
  • The controller is structured on different frequencies and makes the action took a rapid turn while racing this car.
  • The headlights of this Mustang are another realistic feature with the working characteristic makes it a stylish collector toy.
  • The radio control is composed in a way that you can control two cars at a single time.
  • The modifications are another pro to this vehicle since the wheels and body parts are put up in an authentic yet customized way.

Tips for Safe Handling

  •  Cautiously read all the instructions given on the box before handing them the vehicle.
  • While playing, the range effect of the radio controller can be limited due to multiple frequencies.
  • Moreover, during the modification of wheels, make sure to go through the instruction manual.

Can it meet your expectations?

Of course, Maisto is great for children to play with and even adults can end up being addicted. If you are not a car racing fan, this can also work great on your display shelf.  Furthermore, the design of this Ford Mustang is made to be as realistic as possible. The prices are also in affordable range and with the action that comes with the radio controls, the price range cannot get better than what it is already. Hence, the car is quite a wonderful one to meet the expectations of car lovers of all ages! To know more about this awesome product, click here.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Review

Maisto has done it yet again with its new and powerful off the road radio controlled truck. It is not just a dream toy for your adventurous kids, but also ignites the inner remote control love within you! Perfect companion to your off the road gaming sessions, don’t take it lightly, because this machine packs a punch! It is named rock crawler for a reason. It contains front and rear articulated suspensions, two motors, low gearing, TPE tyres and tri-channel transmitter. This beast can easily navigate harsh terrains.


  1. Two motors
  2. Low gearing
  3. All-wheel drive
  4. Articulated front and rear suspension
  5. Tri-Channel Transmitter
  6. TPE tires

Construction and Design

Product dimensions are 12.5 x 7 x 8 inches and item weight is 2.9 pounds. Made of TPE tyres. Has a lightweight but at the same time high quality plastic body. Some parts are made out of copper which makes it extremely durable.

PROS and Performance

  1. Fully articulated multi-link suspension, low gearing, soft TPE tires and all-wheel drive, means that this truck can withstand some extensive usage.
  2. Excellent off-the road performance. It can easily move past tough terrain. Highly responsive, you can easily manoeuvre it with precision.
  3. It has a powerful wide area radio range.
  4. Forward, Reverse and Left-Right steering which means it can easily traverse those narrow tricky corners.
  5. With AAA alkaline batteries and 4×4 motors driving the vehicle, this radio-controlled truck has a powerful torque.
  6. The suspension linkages and shocks are fully functional (the shocks even come with coil covers). This means that it brings stability to the vehicle. It helps to keep the truck in line and maintain proper balance. This in turn reduces damage and makes it sturdy.
  7. The truck’s body is made of high quality plastic, making it break free and scratch resistant.
  8. TPE tyres provide superior grip and less skidding. It has tall tread patterned tires. The body is also small this creates more space for the wheels whenever the suspension flexes.
  9. It has two motors. Which means it is ready for some heavy-duty usage and you have increased control over the vehicle at all times.
  10. It has a practical size and weight which is perfect for your home storing needs.
  11. The powerful torque allows it to successfully scale obstacles and still maintain traction.
  12. Tri channel transmitter allows three people to play simultaneously, connecting other Maisto rc cars. It also has three different frequencies.
  13. It has impressive looks and is available in different attractive colors.

Tips for safe handling

  1. Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years.
  2. Recommended to use 6AA alkaline batteries for the vehicle and 2 AAA for the controller. Alkaline batteries provide better shelf life at low voltage consumption.
  3. Keep the remote-control steady for best performance output within its range.
  4. Do not navigate the truck against sharp objects. This may cause damage to the vehicle.

Can it meet your expectations?

With all the powerful features mentioned above. The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle will fulfil your child’s and even your adventurous backyard gaming needs perfectly. With such great features at an unbelievable price, what are you waiting for? Don’t think twice! Order one now!

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Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Review

In my naïve childhood, I had a strong fascination for best rc cars as it gave me a distinct feeling of joy. I went running behind the car from one corner of the house to the other with the remote in my hand, making sure to avoid every single obstruction that came in the car’s way, getting scolded by every single elder person who came in my way and still, being concerned only about my lovely little R/C machine, which was then a heartthrob for me. Well, this was my part of affair with my remote controlled car.

Even, you must be having yours or yet to have one. With change in time, there has also been a mandatory change in R/C vehicles from a left-right, front-back movable mechanical machine to a technically sound and a structurally robust one. One such product that verifies this change is the ‘Maisto R/C Mhz (3 – Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle’.  If not motivated, this machine will always keep you motorvated. If you didn’t get the meaning of motorvated, it’s high time you get this product. And if you got the meaning, then I believe that you will get the product too.


Designed for off-road purpose, this product from Maisto comes with three motors to generate sufficient power for smooth functioning, precise suspensions to avoid any loss in stability and a low gearing system. Another remarkable design aspect is that the vehicle has both front and rear light weighted suspensions installed, in spite of its length just being 12.5”. I don’t think so that any further introduction needs to be given to justify its off-road abilities. You must be aware of connecting games with your friends on a computer but this is also possible here as it is accommodated with a tri-channel transmitter. As the name suggests, three people can play simultaneously with their different R/C vehicles from Maisto. The group experience is always a better one but it will also keep monotony away when you are handling the vehicle without anyone to utilize the three channel feature. 6 AA and 3 AAA batteries are required for the vehicle to function. However, the batteries need to be rechargeable. So, get yourself some high quality batteries so that even in the case of hard usage, the batteries last for at least half an hour, when fully charged.


This is where we should differentiate one product from the other. Performance wise, this rock crawler is a genius, considering what we pay for it. The light weight of this toy is owing to the fact that majority of the body is plastic and the top surface is kept softer to prevent damage and enhance elasticity on collision. The edges are brilliantly chamfered to make the handling secure. The remote control is not a complex one and easy to understand and handle. The antennas on the vehicle and the remote work in great coordination to ensure smooth communication between the remote and the vehicle. Similar to other R/C vehicles, this one also has a range of communication. That means you always need to be on your feet to make most fun out of it. As it is designed to negotiate uneven terrains, you will never have a problem here. It can work without any fail on small and medium sized rocks. You need not worry if you don’t find any uneven surface around. You can create your own by installing obstacles on a smooth surface. Don’t operate in areas of tall grass as the damp soil conditions is not a match to the design aspects of this vehicle. It can even climb up to a decent aligned height without any toppling. To get the best off-road thrill, you need to master your control over the remote which will build up automatically with average practice. The maximum speed it can attain is approximately 5 miles per hour. You might complain that this is slow but that’s what rock crawlers are. The speed limit is kept low to give you the firsthand feeling of a rock crawler, although it is driven by a remote. You can rely on this product’s durability as it is a long lasting one. However, avoid putting pressure on it and collisions at high speed is also not a good idea.


In Amazon, Maisto R/C 27Mhz (3 – Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle comes at a reasonable price of $ 45.04 and there is always some percentage of discount. In fact, the biggest advantage of this toy is its price. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Why Should You Buy?

Style, Strength and Durability are three of the significant factors that makes this product from Maisto stand out. The ideal age group is 10 – 15 years. Surprise your kid with this rock crawler and for sure, they will spend their play time with it and not the useless cartoons they watch or the naughty activities they are up to, every now and then.

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