Red-Kid 2.4Ghz 2WD Off-Road RC Drift Cars Review

Want to buy a hi-tech drift car for your kid? Red-kid 1/12 Scale 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled 2WD off road Drift Car is an amazing one to give your children and is great in handling with controls to keep your kid’s play time safe!

This car is structured in a superior way and with a wonderful appearance plus the technology put into it is quite secure in itself as well. So, if you are racing enthusiasts or your little boys are asking you for new racing cars, this one is sure to make them amazed!


  1. 4 GHz Radio System allows the controller to mobilize the car in great action.
  2. 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries needed to control the car remote.
  3. 100 meters distance for the controller can be reached.
  4. The model for the motor of this car is sturdy Red-kid brush 390.
  5. The high speed for this drift car is set to be 33+MPH.
  6. For the handling of the remote control, this car is provided with the top technology of S-Truck suspension.
  7. Lifetime warranty is allotted and refund in the latest 90 days from the date this vehicle is purchased.

Construction and Design

This monster truck has a full proportion 1/12 scale 42Km/H 2WD and the suspension structure is an independent one with four wheels on the sides. Also, the four wheels have their shock absorbers fit in which makes playing with it secure for children. The design also possesses 60A huge power circuit composition and in order to block the rotation the makers have put in the high temperature protection structure.

Pros and Performance Accuracy

  1. This drift car is superiorly modeled on the S-Truck suspension structure for the remote control which makes the handling super smooth and easy plus the advanced composition model of Red-kid brush 390 for its motor makes it a luxury for car racers to try.
  2. Another add-on to the design is the radio system of the controller has an amazing frequency to catch and the motor itself allows the speed of 33+MPH, which turns the whole construction into a top class one and a must to race!
  3. As told before, the shock absorbers added to the wheels are also a great pro and helps in the action along with keeping the racing secure.
  4. The radio controller has the frequency of reaching 100 meters and the warranty period is also a thumbs-up!

Tips for Safe Handling

  1. Since the car is claimed to be as waterproof, you have to keep in mind that it cannot run for long in water and even if you are racing it on rainy days, put the shell on to make sure the water doesn’t ruin the inner equipment. Also, when you are racing it on snow or in water, you have to keep the shell on.
  2. While starting this drift car, you have to place it on horizon and then modify the frequency alongside the remote control.
  3. Try to charge this drift car’s battery when the motor cools down and the battery charging time is fixed at 120 minutes, don’t try to put in on charge more than that.

Can it meet your expectations?

Yes, this monster truck by Red Kid has splendid specifications and comes as a pro while racing action fulfilling the expectations that we all have for drift cars. The suspension system and whole design is built in a way to ensure safe playing for children and even if you are buying it as an adult the speed and action-packed performance of this Red-kid 1/12 Scale 2.4 GHz Radio Controlled 2WD off road Drift Car will surely leave you impressed!

Cost Considerations

The price with which it is available on various online revolves around $66.99 and is affordable for this highly designed monster truck. Further, this radio controlled drift car comes with a lifetime warranty and its parts will be replaced when broken plus the accessories provided along with the whole package makes the cost considerations within your means, hence it is a great buy with all the action it provides and the technology with which it is manufactured!

The price with which it is available on various online revolves around $66.99 and is affordable for this highly designed monster truck. Further, this radio controlled drift car comes with a lifetime warranty and its parts will be replaced when broken plus the accessories provided along with the whole package makes the cost considerations within your means, hence it is a great buy with all the action it provides and the technology with which it is manufactured!

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Tozo C5032 RC Drift Car Desert Buggy Warhammer Review

Drifting is a proficiency of propelling behind the wheels where the thump between adjure and pandemonium is persistently mobilized.  The place of origin of drifting as a sport can be hallmarked to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now unfolded out to be a mercenary sport and thereby, paramount competitions are anchored all across the world. Some of the areas which are comprehended in this stimulating sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting imbibes all those adrenaline rushes and hauls the spectators’ breath away.  In order to satiate the inconceivable cacophony for such adventure voyages, TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War hammer has piloted these exact feasibilities and is a distant stupor revolutionized into devious reality. This off-road remote control product is skillfully made for the the coastal and Aeolian regions where the proportion of sand is much lofty than the usual pitches. Being a prodigious extravaganza, Desert Buggy War Hammer offers an elephantine momentum and only settles for superiority. It is mass produced by the TOZO group of companies.


  1. It is categorized under Remote Control Vehicle for Drifiting.
  2. It is a 1:12 full scale off- road conveyance.
  3. Desert Buggy has a powerfully herculean motor.
  4. It bears a Maximum speed of 30 km/h+.
  5. If displays illumination of white and red lights.
  6. The product dimension is 17*8*10 inches.
  7. It fetches anti skid tires.
  8. It embraces anti interference technology.
  9. It also comprises of Independent Suspension System.
  10. It has Rotating Transmission Shafts.
  11. It comprises of Full Metallic Gear Parts.
  12. The Truck size is 220 mm*410 mm*165 mm.
  13. The Truck Weight is 220 gram.
  14. The Control Range is 100 m.
  15. It bears PVC shell.
  16. It has Hi-Q Rubber Wheels.
  17. A 2.4 GHz. Radio System.
  18. It has Three Stage Differential Gears.
  19. The Height is 1000 inches.
  20. The Length is 1700 inches.
  21. The Width is 800 Inches.
  22. It has a 50 M remote control range.
  23. It possesses 7.4V 1500 mash Li-on Battery.
  24. The charger is included.
  25. It is highly durable.
  26. It requires 3 Hours Charging.
  27. The running time is 20 minutes.
  28. It is black in colour.
  29. It is easy to upgrade and repair.
  30. It is recommended for 12+ ages onwards.
  31. The warranty comes with options of swapping or, money returns in case of any slight defects.

Construction and Design

TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War hammer has a pugnaciously chic outlook because it has been constructed out of inflated quality metallic parts. It also adds up to towering durability and sustains longer than other plastic made remote control cars. The anti-skid tires also multiples its efficiency in a magnificent way. Plus, the glare of led lights just triples its glory.

Pros and its Performance

TOZO C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer oozes out the following pros.

  1. As the intrinsic layer of C5032 is built out of aesthetic metallic materials, it can combat jarring clashes even during a velocity.
  2. The Hi-Q rubber tires make it appropriate for running on sandy terrains with unmatchable élan. You can even steer around on rough topography without mislaying hegemony of the truck. Its anti skid features also minimizes the likelihood of swirling around a 360 degree turn.
  3. The elevated speed and acceleration will deliver you all the necessary thrill of up surging speed.
  4. Independent Suspension System provides outrageous elasticity for each wheel and heads straight for an easy breezy secure driving experience. The transmission shaft on the other hand rotates at high speed to keep a dynamic equilibrium. This can do wonders for the safety of the children.
  5. The metallic gears parts ensure extreme smoothness and coherent rotation. The three differential gear parts also assists to undertake the art of drifting in a meticulous way.
  6. The 2.4 GHz. Radio system frequencies will permit the Desert Buggy War hammer to remain amenable to other remote control systems present in the neighborhood. The exorbitant range will aid you to operate the truck in sprawling vicinity without dropping the connectivity.

Tips for Safe Handling

TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer has few cons and those needs to be kept in consideration for bypassing mismanagement.

  1. At times the Desert Buggy gets muddled and cannot be galvanized in a prompt manner. In such a stituation, general psychology is to vigour the throttle in order to come out of the freaking puzzle. As a result, the overheating of the motor will lead to ignition and can cause fatal accidents. One needs to be vigilant and cautious regarding such red flags.
  2. The running time of the TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is only for 20 minutes .The diminutive battery life of the Buggy requires it to charge for 3 prolong hours. One needs to be patient until the completion of the charge to avoid lethal accidents.
  3. One also needs to prudent as the car can suddenly wrench up monumental speed and can smack the peripheral objects.

Can It Meet Your Expectations?

It can transcend all your conjectures! Yeah, you read that right. TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is undoubtedly a classic aura. It has got all the unimaginable aspects to satisfy any car fanatic. You can effortlessly bask in the reality of being a break neck speedy with this stupendous ogre. Kill the buy button for all the accurate logics and lounge in the euphoric jubilations. In addition, they are now available on illustrious online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a limbering tap on your smart phones.

Cost Considerations

Are you senile about shelling off a lump sum amount and burning a hole in your pocket? Dust off all the worries and bury it under your feet. TOZO’s C5032 RC CAR Desert Buggy War Hammer is a breath- taking buy which will be durable for an extended period. It comes at an affordable price of just $299 and is worth your every hard earned penny. If,  by chance your luck favours you, you might also end up getting a discount on the online sites. Thus, hurry up and and go grab your product before it runs out of stock.

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Redcat Racing EPX RC Drift Car Review

Drifting is a calibre of steering behind the wheels where the stroke between command and tumult is repeatedly summoned. The birthplace of drifting as a sport can be attributed to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now emanated out to be a commercial sport and thereby, illustrious competitions are leveraged all across the globe. Some of the regions which are involved in this thrilling sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting imposes all those adrenaline rushes and confiscates the viewers’ breath away.  In order to pacify the uncontrollable cacoethes for such adventure escapades, Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Metallic Blue Car has shepherded these exact possibilities and is a distant reverie metamorphosed into subtle reality. It put forwards your drifting precision in a magnificent way and easily massacres chivalrous swivels to turn amaze balls. In no time, you will be successfully able to vanquish the most strenuous spins to emerge out as one of the magnum opus in the leader board. Redcat Racing is an immensely premier company for providing daring pleasure at a negligible price. It was first established in 2005 and has their manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan.


  1. It bears an Electric Brushed 27T540 type of motor.
  2. It has a speed control of brushed ESC.
  3. Accommodates Shaft Driven 4WD.
  4. Light weighted Plastic Made Chassis.
  5. Assisted with a 2.4 GHz. Radio system.
  6. It possesses a ground clearance of 4.5 mm.
  7. Maximum speed can be up surged between 45-55 MPH.
  8. Oil Filled Shocks are capped with aluminum.
  9. Adjustable Independent Suspension.
  10. Attached Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  11. 90 Days Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.
  12. It is suitable for 14+ onwards.

Construction and Design

If your hardcore trance is to be a breakneck racer then you have landed up at the ethical place. The conventional metallic blue sedan has a vibrant polycarbonate anatomy and renders it an uber-chic unmatchable elegance. They also come with the alternatives of swapping the far-flung bodies in case of any unfortunate breakages. The product dimensions are 14.2 * 8* 4.5 inches. The quality drift RC tires will also serve you with unforgettable easy breezy tootles. The brushed motor is colossally herculean and devises it possible to govern the RC Drift Car with élan.

Pros and Performance

  1. Due to the phenomenal amalgamation of 27T 540 electric brushed motor and unique drift tires, one can effortlessly slide around the quarters while perpetuating a reliable velocity.
  2. The utterly posh exterior gives it a respectable and professional outlook. Its sophistication is bound to pivot heads on the racing track.
  3. forward and reverse transmission permits the Lightning EPX Drift Car to circumvent the serpentine torments and one can deftly sustain with their drifting gala.
  4. The engine of this monstrous aesthetic can gush up a speed of 55 MPH and eventually fabricates a way for an unparalleled applaud.
  5. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is environment friendly and thus it is way more convenient to keep them clean and tidy.
  6. The powerful 2000 mAH 7.2V NiMh battery is rechargeable and this itself makes it an iconic product. The rechargeable ones work fine if you an incessant racer because obtaining new battery every other week is definitely not a preferable idea.
  7. Aluminum capped oil filled shocks and convertible independent suspension allows drivers to jingle the the car in any possible orchestration. 4 GHz. Radio system furnishes trust worthy jurisdiction for navigating multifarious corners in the wink of an eye.
  8. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car is delivered with comprehensive assemblance and turns out to be befitting for the first-time racers or, newbie.

Tips for safe handling

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car can be attributed as a shimmering diamond among the drifting giants and oozes a polished vibe through its alluring demeanour. However, it also has some few cons which are to be kept in mind.

  1. In spite of a capable battery, the charging takes up a prolong time. In order to ensure a safe and secure drifting, one must be patient till the completion of the charge. Any kind of haste can lead to fatal injuries.
  2. This drifting car displays slight hardship on the asphalt roads.

Can it meet your expectations?

It can surpass all your expectations! Yeah, you read that right. It will leave your antagonists slacking while you slide past them with glorious extravaganza. It is an indomitable soldier in its league and is firm enough to not cause any unwanted unpleasantness. Get ready to reverberate with this standout ogre and catch all the classic hypes that are usually portrayed on the television screens. Click the buy button for the all aforesaid right reasons and have a jamboree with your ebullient product. Thus, gear up to purchase this outlandish merchandise and swear by the quote, ‘Neighbours’ envy is owner’s pride.” In addition, they are now available on leading online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a swift tap on your smart phone.

Cost considerations

Are you perplexed about shelling off a hefty amount and burning a hole in your pocket? Well, let us bust all the myths engulfing this topic of discussion. If you are unaw

are about the Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Car price, then we would like to ring the bell and announce that it comes at an affordable figure of just $189.99. The cost compensates in every possible way, keeping in mind the accurate performance, durability and the coherence.

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Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Review

Toys always make the saddest of the kids jolly at an instance. When it comes to toys, remote control vehicles never run out of trend. The thrilling experience one gets while controlling a R/C vehicle makes it one of the most sought-after toys. However, the thrill varies from vehicles to vehicles. In fact, more the technical advancement, more higher is the level of thrill. One such product which will make thrill reach its zenith is the ‘Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck, Blue/Silver, 1/10 Scale’. The breathtaking ability of this monster truck to do things that you don’t expect a normal R/C vehicle to do makes it a beast when compared to others in the business. Keeping aside the perks of owning this consummate product, there is no existing criteria over which you can disparage it. The only thing you can do and you should do is to add this racing beast to your distinct collection. And, whenever you are exhibiting your collection, you will never shy away from making this possession as the center of attraction.


  • This electrifying racing truck is loaded with features which makes it no less than a mini version of an original racing truck. The only difference is that the original is driven with the steering wheel in your hand and this one, with a remote.
  • Being a shaft driven four-wheel drive, the truck speaks volumes of the dexterity of the manufacturers. How could they install a four-wheel drive in such a little object? Even, few real cars don’t have it till date. The four-wheel drive is powered by a 27T brushed 540 electric motor. These two combinations make this truck the perfect off-road R/C vehicle around. Believe me, clearing the toughest of obstacles with great ease is what this product is designed for.
  • The 2.4 GHz radio system and precise and protected electric system of the car work side by side to fulfil its top-notch abilities. Indeed, it is a racing volcano. The way it picks up, continues, diminishes the obstacles in its way and spreads its influence all over the landscape is a solid justification to the ‘Racing Volcano’, stated in its name.
  • When racing vehicles are designed, what need to be maintained low is its weight. Even here, the manufacturers have delivered up to the expectation. The chassis is not only simple plastic, but it is standardized light weight one. It comes with eight aluminum capped oil filled coil over shocks and suspension, which is an independent one, designed to increase its stability. Basically, it is designed to meet, both racing and off-road requirements.


2.4 GHz Radio included

  1. pistol is attached to the radio with good grip to control the forward and reverse movement.
  2. It comes with steering and throttle trim and there is also adjustments for steering dual rate.
  3. Separate switches are provided for steering reverse and throttle reverse
  4. It can withstand an outstanding range of 100 yards. Now, this is something to boast of.
  5. The communication between the truck and the radio is so good that more than 10 vehicles can be operated, simultaneously without any hindrance.
  6. It is FCC approved.

1/10 Scale Hobby Grade Monster Truck

  1. The body is PCV painted to give it an attractive look.
  2. All the electronic component are waterproof to avoid damage and provide safe handling.
  3. Rechargeable NIMH battery and a charger for the same is provided. However, you will require 8 AA batteries for the radio.
  4. As it is a high performance vehicle, the parts are quite complex but you don’t need to worry as it is fully assembled, at the time of purchase.
  5. The length, width and height is 400, 310, and 185 mm, respectively. The wheelbase is 275 mm and the ground clearance, 30 mm.

Will It Meet Your Expectations?

I have already jotted down the points, describing the product in detail. One more thing I would like to add to it is the recommended age for use. Surprisingly, there is no upper age limit and I am stating this because the manufacturers have clearly specified it everywhere. However, it is recommended for those above the age of 14. Mind you, this product will change your perception of toys and you will be thrilled and at the same try, delighted. Give it a try!

Cost Considerations

In Amazon, this product is priced at $139.99. Well, if the manufacturers wished, they could have taken advantage of the superiority of this product and set a price that would only take into consideration the maximization of their profit. But, they have restrained from doing so. The $139.99 is absolutely legitimate for one of the best remote control vehicles ever produced. It is affordable and this is the best part about it. Basically, you are getting a package of long-lasting thrill at just $139.99.

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Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Review

In my naïve childhood, I had a strong fascination for best rc cars as it gave me a distinct feeling of joy. I went running behind the car from one corner of the house to the other with the remote in my hand, making sure to avoid every single obstruction that came in the car’s way, getting scolded by every single elder person who came in my way and still, being concerned only about my lovely little R/C machine, which was then a heartthrob for me. Well, this was my part of affair with my remote controlled car.

Even, you must be having yours or yet to have one. With change in time, there has also been a mandatory change in R/C vehicles from a left-right, front-back movable mechanical machine to a technically sound and a structurally robust one. One such product that verifies this change is the ‘Maisto R/C Mhz (3 – Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle’.  If not motivated, this machine will always keep you motorvated. If you didn’t get the meaning of motorvated, it’s high time you get this product. And if you got the meaning, then I believe that you will get the product too.


Designed for off-road purpose, this product from Maisto comes with three motors to generate sufficient power for smooth functioning, precise suspensions to avoid any loss in stability and a low gearing system. Another remarkable design aspect is that the vehicle has both front and rear light weighted suspensions installed, in spite of its length just being 12.5”. I don’t think so that any further introduction needs to be given to justify its off-road abilities. You must be aware of connecting games with your friends on a computer but this is also possible here as it is accommodated with a tri-channel transmitter. As the name suggests, three people can play simultaneously with their different R/C vehicles from Maisto. The group experience is always a better one but it will also keep monotony away when you are handling the vehicle without anyone to utilize the three channel feature. 6 AA and 3 AAA batteries are required for the vehicle to function. However, the batteries need to be rechargeable. So, get yourself some high quality batteries so that even in the case of hard usage, the batteries last for at least half an hour, when fully charged.


This is where we should differentiate one product from the other. Performance wise, this rock crawler is a genius, considering what we pay for it. The light weight of this toy is owing to the fact that majority of the body is plastic and the top surface is kept softer to prevent damage and enhance elasticity on collision. The edges are brilliantly chamfered to make the handling secure. The remote control is not a complex one and easy to understand and handle. The antennas on the vehicle and the remote work in great coordination to ensure smooth communication between the remote and the vehicle. Similar to other R/C vehicles, this one also has a range of communication. That means you always need to be on your feet to make most fun out of it. As it is designed to negotiate uneven terrains, you will never have a problem here. It can work without any fail on small and medium sized rocks. You need not worry if you don’t find any uneven surface around. You can create your own by installing obstacles on a smooth surface. Don’t operate in areas of tall grass as the damp soil conditions is not a match to the design aspects of this vehicle. It can even climb up to a decent aligned height without any toppling. To get the best off-road thrill, you need to master your control over the remote which will build up automatically with average practice. The maximum speed it can attain is approximately 5 miles per hour. You might complain that this is slow but that’s what rock crawlers are. The speed limit is kept low to give you the firsthand feeling of a rock crawler, although it is driven by a remote. You can rely on this product’s durability as it is a long lasting one. However, avoid putting pressure on it and collisions at high speed is also not a good idea.


In Amazon, Maisto R/C 27Mhz (3 – Channel) Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle comes at a reasonable price of $ 45.04 and there is always some percentage of discount. In fact, the biggest advantage of this toy is its price. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Why Should You Buy?

Style, Strength and Durability are three of the significant factors that makes this product from Maisto stand out. The ideal age group is 10 – 15 years. Surprise your kid with this rock crawler and for sure, they will spend their play time with it and not the useless cartoons they watch or the naughty activities they are up to, every now and then.

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