Guess who is the drift champion with the new racing car? Yes, it’s the Liberty’s again. This new Liberty Imports Super Fast Drift Champion R/C Sports Car lets you control every single thing you need from going forward to backward to steer left and right. Making 0 shaped and 8 shaped drifts are like child’s play for this car. Don’t worry it has the power to boost up to 15km/h and all thanks goes to its four wheel powering engine now you don’t have to use those cars which engine powers only two back tires and you are fed up of not having that speed. Let’s see some cool features of this mini drifter.

Speed is what you love and or car is something which intrigues you? Not able to drive or do wish to experience the thrill or speeding and drifting without indulging in any sort of danger? Here is the Liberty Imports Super-Fast Drift Legend AE86 R/C Sports Car which will help you enjoy the thrill of those sharp turns, as well as have hours of uninterrupted fun.

A fully remote-controlled car for drifting, this product by Liberty Imports ensures that you get a wholesome level of fun as you play with your children and or plan on spending some leisure time with yourself.

Who doesn’t like to drift a car and control its spin while calculating the amount it slides during the drift? For all the drift lovers out there, here is the perfect toy to gift kids who are interested in drifting or to start getting them interested in this highly amazing form of riding around.