Traxxas is without a doubt, one of the most popular names in the world of radio controlled cars. This fact has been acknowledged by almost everyone all over the world. They were the pioneers in the field of ready to run hobby grade radio controlled cars and have continued to introduce new innovations over the years.

Nitro powered radio controlled cars are the best way to experience realistic motor driving on a small scale. They are difficult and expensive to maintain but their popularity still remains undiminished. Every RC hobbyist worth his salt will own at least one of these because of their powerful performance, high speed and realistic driving feel.

Speed is the one deciding actor before buying radio controlled cars and for some people it is sometimes the only thing they look in car models. Both nitro and electric car models achieve high speeds, sometimes even up to 60 mph. Their powerful engines will not disappoint any speed enthusiasts and they usually are one of the most preferred car models people buy.

One of the most popular driving techniques, drifting has been wowing every racing car enthusiast since the 1960s and this can be proven by the fact that a whole new line of drifting cars were introduced at that time.

The perfect drift might require a number of skills on the driver’s part but everything will be for naught if your RC drift car does not suit this technique.