The SZJJX remote controlled 4WD buggy is a well-known off road vehicle in the market. It is available with a multitude of attractive features which make it popular amongst buggy enthusiasts, while at the same time gaining increasing attraction from the younger kids who are drawn to it by its easy radio control car features and attractive bodywork as well as exteriors.

Traxxas is a company which dominates the remote-controlled vehicles market with its wide range of trucks for all those looking out for a powerful monster to control and play around with. The Stampede 2WD truck is another of its highly successful products which cater to the needs of consumers.

Drifting is a stature of piloting behind the wheels where the knell between stipulation and ruckus is continually deployed. The inception of drifting as a sport can be accredited to Japan, the land of the rising Sun.  It has now radiated out to be a commercial sport and thereby, lionized competitions are anchored all across the planet. Some of the domains which are embraced in this exhilarating sport are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, United States, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Drifting inflicts all those adrenaline scrambles and annexes the spectators’ breath away.